St. Martin’s Manor

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Telephone: 905.575.7500     Fax: 905.575.8499
Paula Forbes, Associate Director of Clinical and Community Programs
Linda Dayler, Executive Director

St. Martin’s Manor, a program of Catholic Family Services of Hamilton, as a Young Parent Resource Centre that provides service to strengthen the lives of all young parents and children by offering support, encouragement and hope in a safe welcoming environment.  St. Martin’s Manor is a residence and community program for pregnant and parenting young women St. Martin’s Manor works with over 400 young parents and children annually in all programs. Approximately 40 young women and their children are served in the residential program.

St. Martin’s Manor has over 50 years of expertise working with pregnant and parenting young women.  St. Martin’ Manor has a reputation for success for young parents and their children and the continuum of services  meet the clinical and support needs of the young women.   Many of the programs are evidence-based and viewed as best practices in the literature.  St. Martin’s Manor works collaboratively and in partnership with many organizations in the community.

Our services achieve healthy outcomes for youth and their children to break the cycle of abuse and poverty. A typical client using the program is usually between 13 and 20 years of age.   Issues in her life often include:

  • poverty
  • homelessness
  • low self-esteem
  • mental health issues
  • substance abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • physical abuse
  • learning difficulties/special needs
  • C/CAS involvement
  • involvement with justice system

The services offered by St. Martin’s Manor include:

  • residential care and treatment
  • prenatal and postnatal community based programs
  • outreach to the community
  • access to on-site Section 23 school programs
  • evidence based parenting programs including:  Modified Interaction Guidance and Right from the Start
  • Access to community agencies:  Public Health, physicians, Mid Wives, Substance Abuse Counsellors,
  • On-site child minding provided