Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Women and Families

205 Parliament Street – Toronto ON M5A 2Z4

Telephone: 416.365.1888   Fax: 416.365.1944

Executive Director:  Maritza Sanchez

The June Callwood Centre for Women and Families is a multi-service resource for pregnant and parenting teenagers who are eighteen years old or younger, and their children. We have developed a variety of programs and services to meet the special needs of young families throughout the City of Toronto.

Intended as a model agency, June’s Centre delivers its services through a combination of staff, volunteers, collaboration with community agencies and a proactive profile regarding issues affecting young parents and their children. A 15-member community Board of Directors governs June’s Centre.

June’s Centre is located in downtown Toronto between two of Toronto’s largest public housing projects – Regent Park and Moss Park. Although many teenage parents who live in the area use June’s Centre, a greater number of teens travel from all over the city to attend programs.

June’s Centre occupies the first two floors of a six-story building owned by June’s Centre. The remaining four levels accommodate 16 two and three bedroom apartments, which house a mixture of teen families and older parents. This housing is intended to be permanent and all units are subsidized according to the tenant’s income. The day-to-day operation is handled by a non-profit housing organization that practices a philosophy of tenant involvement in the management of their housing.

One of the principles of June’s Centre is that women who use the Centre choose, from the wide variety of services June’s Centre offers, the ones which they feel best serve their own needs and those of their child.

These services range from informal drop-in, to one-on-one counseling, to group programs and activities. The services offered are described in an initial intake interview during which some information about the woman’s history and current situation is also documented. After this initial orientation to the Centre, women determine in which services they will participate.

In addition to its basic service, June’s Centre provides a variety of scheduled programs and groups. Some have an information focus while others are more social/recreational in approach.