Community Youth Programs


Telephone: 905.845.9718   Fax: 905.845.3479

Kjeld Thomasen, Executive Director



C.Y.P. provides housing and support for adolescent (ages 15-18) boys and girls who are unable to live with a family and unprepared for independent living.

We provide safe housing, structure, clear expectations and support to eight residents at a time. There is an emphasis on school achievement and part time paid or volunteer work experience and life skills training. Achievements in school and real work experience are excellent self-esteem builders and education and training are essential ingredients for a successful return home or independence.

Transition Support Program

The program provides support to older adolescents (aged 16+) who are making the transition from Children’s Services to Adult Services or are leaving residential programs to live in the community.  A service plan prepared by the client and the case manager will identify the need for educational or vocational assessment and training, need for housing and income support. There will be a commitment on the part of the client to continue formal education/training while working part-time or working full time.